Im Out.

Listen up guys, I haven’t posted in like forever, I know. But I just can’t be bothered anymore. I’ve grown out of Club Penguin and I’m going to be starting Secondary School in September.

Anyway I have a new site, which is about my life if you want to see it.
Or visit my tumblr:
So see ya guys its been nice meeting you all:
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Card Jitsu Power Cards!!

Okay so you know you’ve become a terrible blogger when you start a post about not posting in ages so I’m not even… not even going to…


Okay so this post isn’t really important but I thought I’d do it anywaySmile with tongue out

Today was my fist time getting a card jitsu card so it was pretty exciting Smile 

I even dressed up my custom penguin:


Do you like? :3

And I started adding my cards to the guide:



Awesome right?

I also have this but I have no idea what to do with it:


Apparently it’s one of them things you have to fold but like HOW?!They could give you some clearer instructions, just saying…

Okay so how was your day?

Ellsbells Open-mouthed smile

Kara’s ULTIMATE Expedition Guide!!!

Woohoo!! The Expedition Party is here with a special surprise!!! Need help? Mostly everything about the party will be covered in this post right here! Hope this helps!!!

1. Go to the dock and follow the arrow! (:

2. Pick up an Expedition Hat on your way and follow the next arrow!

3. Your will find yourself in a maze! Just follow the picture guide I have made for you! Click the item circled in red and follow the black arrows for directions!

Room 1:

Room 2:

Room 3:

Room 4:

Room 5:

Room 6:

Room 7:

4. Now your past the maze and you should get a stamp! Now you have to figure out the crazy machine which I will hep you through.

1. Click the plug, 2. Click the cocoa beans, 3. Click the box, 4. Click the coffee, 5. Click the green button, 6-12. Click the switches and buttons in the order they light up, 13. Click the piano keys, 14. Throw snowballs at the yellow platlet, 15. Click the piano keys, 16. Click the green button, 17. Click the green boxes, 18. Flip the switches, 19. Click the wheel, 20. Click the handle, 21. Click the hot sauce, 22. Click the water bottle, 23. Click the vent, 24. Click the toaster handle, 25. Throw snowballs at the target, 26. Walk in the barrel

WOW! That’s a lot of steps!

5. Once your in the barrel, it will take you down to the beach.

6. Click the paper on the booth to buy a life jacket!

7. Then build the boat with the parts so it looks like this

8. Then put on your life jacket and get on the boat to sail across to the other side. You HAVE to wear your life jacket or you can’t get on the boat. You’ll end uo at the bay.

9. Go into the cave and you’ll find… A BROWN PUFFLE CAVE!!!!!!

10. Click the paper on top of the books in the top left corner to find this message!


Well that’s about it! Hope this helps! And enjoy the Expedition!!

~Karatekel aka Kara (: ❤

Cracker Pin at Ski Hill!


As I was wondering around the island with my friends I noticed a new pin at Ski Hill.I really like this pin because it fits into the celebration perfectly!Take a look:



What do you think of this new pin?Could it be improved?Let me know in the comments.

Ellsbells 😀

Ruby and the Ruby stage is back!

Hello Penguins!

The stage play Ruby and the Ruby is back on at the stage!Here are all the catalogue cheats:


On page 4 if you click on the door handle you will get a Dark detective coat.

And that’s them!If there are any more please let us know, thanks!

Ellsbells 😀

Ice Rink Is Back + New Catalogue!

Since it’s winter Club Penguin has added the ice rink back to replace the football/soccer pitch.Take a look!:

As always, since the Ice Rink has come there is a new catalogue, here are the cheats!

I really like this catalogue.I don’t know why, I just do 😉

Ellsbells 😀

New Club Penguin Coloring Page!

Today Club Penguin released a new coloring page, check it out:

Click the image to print.

Click the image to enlarge it and print it.

This is a cool coloring page! It shows two penguins organising the recycling plant. Do you like the new coloring page? I certainly do.